SVARA offers educational programs both in person and online, emphasizing breath, ceremony, rituals, and empowered leadership.

We share Conscious Connected Breathwork to create connections between individuals, the heart and mind, and life and consciousness. Drawing on ancient knowledge and rituals, we aim to create a future firmly rooted and interconnected with Mother Earth.

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SVARA Breathwork Training

Our carefully designed program offers 4 different Modules.

EARTH Module, Foundations: (10 Days)

31st of Oct- 10th of Nov 2024, 8th -18th of May 2025

Learn about the principles of breathwork and trauma and practice to give a safe 1:1 Session.

WATER Module, Expansion: (7 Days) 13th-20th of September 2024

Beyond Breathwork, sharpening your intuition and learn how to work with energies. You will get familiar with the chakra system and how to use it in your work, work with the elements, and experience to breathe in the water.

FIRE Module, Blossom: (7 Days) 1st- 8th of December 2024

Hold a safe space as a group facilitator, learn and create rituals and ceremonies. Get into your power and share your magic.

AIR Module,  Deep healing: (7 Days) 24th -30th of March 2025

Deepening your knowledge about trauma, and nervous system regulation, somatic tools, family constellation.

Breathwork stands as an incredibly powerful healing modality.

It guides you into profound states of self, inducing a trance-like state through the simple act of breathing.

In a brief span, you can delve into heightened presence and self-awareness. This specific conscious connected breathing technique moves your energy, facilitating a connection with thought patterns, emotions, and experiences beyond the limitations of your mind.

This practice offers the opportunity to explore your subconscious, releasing stagnant energy or traumas and shedding mental projections. Breathwork serves as potent medicine, creating a deep transformative journey that unfolds, invigorates, and aids in redirecting your energy to foster heightened self-awareness and healing in unresolved areas.

Our breathwork training emphasizes a comprehensive understanding of breath, its inherent power, and employs a deep holistic approach. We prioritize gentleness, softness, connection, and opening in the breathing process, steering away from forceful pushing. This approach supports the nervous system, facilitating regulation and movement into a space of resources. The training delves into the embodiment of emotions and feelings preceding breathwork sessions.

Each facilitator undergoes a personal journey, embodying their own breath, to adeptly guide clients into a secure space for healing. Safety remains of highest priority, and holding space for others requires a profound understanding of behaviours and patterns. The training equips you with the ability to interpret your clients' breaths and discern how their life patterns manifest in their breathing.

Integration is as significant as the breathing component itself. You'll learn to work with rituals and altars, familiarize yourself with the energy system, and harness the potent source of Mother Earth.

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Svara envisions spreading conscious connected breathwork, not merely as a tool for expansion but as genuine medicine for the heart.

Our aim is to bridge worlds, integrating the wisdom of the Earth into daily life practices with a trauma-informed foundation. And supporting leaders in reconnecting with themselves, others, and Mother Nature.

Our goal is to empower you to evolve into a connected, intuitive leader and space holder—one unafraid of delving into life's mysteries and uncharted territories. We aspire to cultivate leaders who understand their place, dare to speak with integrity, and share embodied knowledge.

The vision extends to creating a robust community of heart-centered leaders. These leaders excel at holding space for clients to thrive and discover their life's purpose.

I am Mela Mariposa, the founder of SVARA.

My deep passion revolves around creating nurturing spaces for individuals to connect and embark on profound personal transformations. With two decades of experience in people and group dynamics, I crafted this program with the intention of seamlessly merging breathwork with ceremonial practices and the wisdom of nature.

At the core of any healing practice lies the establishment of a secure field for connection. My primary mission is to empower individuals, guiding them beyond their belief systems and deepest patterns, and encouraging the embrace of their authentic selves. Nature, my greatest teacher, imparts profound wisdom and simplicity. It has become essential for me to integrate these teachings by working intimately with rituals and ceremonies, honouring mother earth.

SVARA is not just me sharing my knowledge, we are a team of dedicated beings each one bringing their personal passion into the classroom.

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The term "swara" or "svara" (Sanskrit: स्वर) originates from the root "svr," meaning "to sound."

This word is found in the Upanishads, where the rhythmic cycle of the sun and the world is described as "the music of spheres." The sun is depicted as "humming the wheel of the world." According to Ananda Coomaraswamy, the root "svar" also conveys the meaning "to shine."

For us, "svara" embodies the sound within the space, where awareness aligns with each breath, engaging all our senses and becoming attuned to the breath of Mother Nature. Additionally, the training focuses on supporting each participant on their journey to shine their light in the world.

Wow, what a beautiful experience

"Mela's devotion to passing on her knowledge about breathwork touches me deeply. Throughout the training, I felt very inspired by her authenticity and integrity. Mela has provided a safe container in which we all could go on a deep personal journey whilst learning how to hold space for such transformational work ourselves. I feel very grateful for all that I have learned and I can fullheartedly recommend the training to anyone willing to dive deep."

Stephan, Austria