Module Fire, Blossom

SVARA Breathwork Facilitator Training

Do you want to learn how to guide someone safe through a powerful breathwork session ?

Are you interested to learn about your nervous system and receive tools to deepen your connection to your feelings and emotions, and apply this to your clients?

Breathwork is a tool that helps your clients, to release stuck emotions, look beyond patterns and understand the power within their own body.

This training is for therapists, bodyworkers, yogis and healers that want to enrich their offerings, and anyone who is interested to learn how to guide someone into a place of deep connection, and presence with themselves.

What is included in the Fire Module, Blossom:

  • How to lead group breathwork ceremonies.
  • How to professionally lead groups.
  • Understanding group dynamics.
  • Creating effective playlists, working with life music and/or sound healing.
  • Creating a save container for breathers - Safety as a priority.
  • Contra-indications for groups.
  • Co-creating with others, working with assistants.
  • How to prepare breathers for the process.
  • Set and setting.
  • Creating trust and openness within the group.
  • The power of sharing circles.
  • Daily Group breathwork ceremonies.
  • Practise to lead groups from day 1.
  • Meditations, movement and integration practises.
  • Creating Rituals & Ceremonies
  • Find your magic and what you want to share with the world through this work.
  • Leadership as a way of life

This module is to go deep in the work with groups, to understand group dynamics and learn about how to weave in different elements, such as dance/movement, meditations, emotional work. You will learn about space holding, integration, after care and how to create a save space for difficult situations. It's the place where you come to own your own leadership and make you confident and shine in what you have to offer.




The Fire Module, can only be taken once you have completed the Earth Module.

Fire Module, Blossom, Course Fee:

888.- € for 7 days, not incl. food and accommodation. Max 12 participants.

Upcoming Courses in 2024:

1st- 8th December 2024, Monte Mariposa, Algarve Portugal


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"Wow, what a beautiful experience. Mela's devotion to passing on her knowledge about breathwork touches me deeply. Throughout the training, I felt very inspired by her authenticity and integrity. Mela has provided a safe container in which we all could go on a deep personal journey whilst learning how to hold space for such transformational work ourselves. I feel very grateful for all that I have learned and I can fullheartedly recommend the training to anyone willing to dive deep." Stephan, Austria