WATER MODULE - Expansion


This module will guide you into a deep understanding of the element of water, and our ability to flow with life.

In this module we will explore intuition, energetics, creativity, sexuality, sound healing, and everything beyond the mind, deepening and enriching your knowledge to hold safe space for your clients in a 1:1 setting.

As the water is our teacher, we also bring the breathwork practise into the water, exploring how the elements can enhance our breathing experiences, and delve deeply into purification practices.

What is included in the Water Module, Expansion:

  • Experience the power of breathwork in the water.
  • Learn everything about the chakra system and how to integrate it in to your practise.
  • Introduction into sound healing and music medicine for effective breathing journeys and integration.
  • Inner child work.
  • Female /male specific needs.
  • Sexuality and breathwork.
  • Practises to enhance and trust your intuition.
  • How to integrate the power of intention & prayer.
  • Altar building and working with your spirit guides.
  • Creativity and how it helps your clients to express themselves.
  • Daily breathwork sessions to deepen your practise.
  • Practise of meditation & silence.
  • Including the natures element in to your work, earth, water, fire and air.
  • In depth practises for purifications, energetic cleanses.

This module is dedicated to explore deeper about energies, creativity and the work with your spirit guides. Supporting you in holding space for your 1:1 sessions.




Module Earth

Water Module, Foundation, Course Fee:

888.- €, not incl. food and accommodation. 7 days. Max. 16 participants.

Accommodation & Food starts from 380 - 520 € for 7 days including 3 organic meals per day. (depending on location)

Includes, course on site, 1 integration call 1 week after the course.

Payment plans for course fee are available.

Upcoming Courses:

13th- 20th of September 2024 (Monte Mariposa, Algarve)

5th-12th of Sept 2025 (Monte Mariposa, Algarve)

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