What inspired the creation of this training program?

The name SVARA came to me during a transformative yoga practice years ago, where a profound connection with my breath was ignited. It remained with me, quietly shaping my path, until after about 12 years, its true purpose and vision were finally revealed.

This training emerged from a deep desire to share and spread the transformative power of this work, fueled by numerous requests over the years.

Taking the step to share the experience and knowledge I've accumulated over the past decade marked the beginning of this program.

In 2018/19, I guided a small group in Switzerland through a year-long journey into the depths of this practice. In 2019, another small group joined me for a 10-day intensive in Portugal. Then, in 2022 and 2023, I hosted 10-day intensives in Portugal, culminating in the birth of SVARA and the launch of a comprehensive 4-module training.

My aim is to collaborate with fellow teachers, offering profound insights into breathwork, the body, and holistic approaches to working with the nervous system, trauma, and the wisdom of nature.

This training synthesizes my diverse background, including nursing, mental health care, yoga, family constellation, zen coaching, personal development, ritual work, plant medicine, and my journey into motherhood.

Continuously evolving, I weave my ongoing learning into my teachings, deeply grateful for the guidance of mentors and inspirations such as Reinhard Gammenthaler, Svagito Liebermeister, Leonard Orr, Katharina von Koerber, Rachelle Seglia Garcia, and Melanie Ann Layer.


My name is Mela Mariposa and I'm the founder of SVARA.

My intention is to support healing through deep connection.

At the core of any healing practice lies the establishment of a secure field for connection. My primary mission is to empower individuals, guiding them beyond their belief systems and deepest patterns, and encouraging the embrace of their authentic selves. Nature, my greatest teacher, imparts profound wisdom and simplicity. It has become essential for me to integrate these teachings by working intimately with rituals and ceremonies.

SVARA is not just me sharing my knowledge, we are a team of dedicated beings each one bringing their personal passion into the classroom.

read more about my personal journey here: www.melamariposa.com/about