EARTH MODULE - Foundations


Would you like to discover how to safely guide someone through a transformative breathwork session?

This training offers valuable insights into understanding your nervous system, equipping you with tools to enhance your connection to emotions and feelings.

Whether you're a therapist, bodyworker, yogi, or healer, this program is designed to enrich your skills and empower your clients to release emotions, break patterns, and tap into the innate power within their bodies.

Join us if you're passionate about guiding others to a place of deep connection and presence with themselves.


  • Understanding the Foundation & History of Breathwork.
  • Comprehensive guidance on conducting 1-2-1 breathwork sessions with daily practice.
  • Creating and maintaining a safe space for client transformation, healing, and release.
  • Exploring the Anatomy of Breath and mastering the art of touch.
  • Various breathing practices and pranayama techniques.
  • Exploring the significance of Nutrition/Fasting in Breathwork.
  • Developing your intuition and harnessing your capacity to work effectively with people.
  • Recognizing trauma, addressing it, and knowing when to involve a trauma expert.
  • Introduction to the Polyvagal Theory.
  • Understanding Contra-Indications.
  • Exploring emotional catharsis and how to navigate it.
  • Introduction to purification practices involving the elements (earth/water/fire/air).
  • Understanding the distinction between 1-2-1 and group settings, emphasizing the importance of starting with 1-2-1 sessions.
  • Working with Emotions and Feelings.
  • Integration practices.
  • Guidance on starting your own sessions and building a breathwork community.

The course days typically begin with movement/active meditations, followed by integrated silence, sharing, and nourishing organic meals. The content may adapt based on participant needs, ensuring an organic flow. Daily breathwork sessions will be a key aspect.

Participation requires a healthy, physically and emotionally balanced state, and enrollment involves a personal interview and registration process. Full commitment is essential, acknowledging that various emotions and feelings may arise during the training. Embracing and understanding personal experiences will contribute to becoming a proficient facilitator.




Participation in either 1:1 work, Group sessions, Retreats or Workshops, hosted by Mela.

Earth Module, Foundation, Course Fee:

1444.- €, not incl. food and accommodation. 10 days. Max. 16 participants.

Includes, course on site, 1 integration call 1 week after the course, and 2 additional classes online (mandatory).

Payment plans are available, as well as scholarship programs for Portuguese citizen living in Portugal (by application only).

Accommodation at the venue is mandatory, prices start at 500.-€/700.-€ for 10 days incl. food.


6th-16th of June 2024 (Monte Mariposa, Algarve)- last spots

31th of Oct- 10th of Nov 2024 (Casa Eira, Ericeira)

8th-18th of May 2025 (Monte Mariposa, Algarve)


Vanessa, 43, USA

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Stephan, 35, Austria

Sophia, 31, Chile

"This is not an ordinary breathwork training! This training that Mela created with so much wisdom, passion and love, is a deep spiritual practice that allowed to me to go deeper in my inner being and make a really fundamental work to connect with my true essence. it's very difficult to express it in words, because it is all about the experience on a energetical, emotional and spiritual level. It's really a transformational work on the individual, group and collective level. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have this experience led by Mela in connection and in symbiosis with an amazing group of 12 people that will be craved in my heart forever." - Ricardo, Lisbon