AIR MODULE - Deep Healing

 Breathwork Training - Air Module

The "Deep Healing" Module focuses on understanding trauma, utilizing the nervous system for facilitation, exploring modalities like somatic practices, and engaging in daily breathwork sessions.

It encourages personal exploration, empowering leadership, and incorporates meditation and integration practices.

Emphasizing the importance of silence and integration, this module aims to empower participants on their healing journey and enhance their facilitation skills.


Included in the Air Module, Deep Healing:

  • Understanding Trauma: Deepen your knowledge of trauma and its effects on both you as a facilitator and your clients.
  • Your Nervous System as a Toolkit: Learn to utilize your nervous system as a powerful tool in facilitating healing sessions.
  • Exploring Modalities: Dive into different modalities such as somatic embodiment, bodywork, and family constellation to enhance your practice.
  • Daily Breathwork and Somatic Practices: Engage in daily breathwork sessions and somatic practices to deepen your own healing journey.
  • Personal Exploration: Create a safe space for personal introspection, understanding your patterns, and exploring shadows.
  • Empowering Leadership: Through your own healing, develop the capacity to become a powerful leader in guiding others through breathwork.
  • Meditation and Integration: Incorporate meditation and integration practices to anchor and integrate the transformative experiences.
  • Embracing Silence and Integration: Allow ample space for silence and integration, essential elements of the healing process.

Please note:

This module is designed to empower you on your healing journey and enhance your skills as a facilitator, providing you with effective tool kits and knowledge about trauma. It requires a stable mindset as it may evoke strong emotions and lead you to unfamiliar territories. Commitment to personal growth and healing is essential, and you will receive full support throughout your journey.

This Module will be co-facilitated with Katrin Heuser.



The Air Module, can only be taken once you have completed the Earth Module.

Required readings/material before attending.

Air Module, Deep Healing, Course Fee:

999.- € for 7 days, not incl. food and accommodation. Max 12 participants.

Including 2 integrations calls. (mandatory)

Accommodation & Food starts from 350 - 490 € for 7 days including 3 organic meals per day. (depending on location)

Payment plans for course fee are available.

Upcoming Courses:

24th -30th of March, 2025 (Monte Mariposa, Algarve)

Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light. - Brené Brown